New paper in the Journal of Sonic Studies

Journal of Sonic Studies 19 – Sounds of Latin America is online now. Among the articles, you will find “The Triangle and the Thin Biscuit: Reverberations of a Walking Practive”, in which I present research on the territorialization process undertaken by a particular type of street vendors in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The platform on which the journal is published allows the inclusion not only of photos, graphics and maps, but also of audio and video. Thus, I was able to add the short documentary “Chegadinho! Sweet urban sound”, with records of exploratory research, and a field recording. And the discussion also includes food, popular music and geography. The work results from my master’s degree in Urban Planning, with some additional data.

Words from the editors: “JSS19 takes you on a sonic journey through Latin America with stops in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and many other countries. Topics include, among others, the musical sounds of street vendors, the sounds of street protests, several sound art and compositional projects, natural versus human soundscapes, radio art, calls for listening and silence, sounding the political, and sonification. Please enjoy these sonic encounters with this fascinating continent.”

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